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•  Development and current status of needle punched non-wov [2020-6-30]
      Needle punched non-woven fabric (felt, non-woven fabric) is a generation of traditional non-woven fabric (felt, non-woven fabric) production technology, the development has been relatively mature so far. The history of the development of needle punching nonwov
•  Introduction to non-woven composite film [2020-6-30]
      Laminated composite non-woven fabric is a new type of non-woven fabric material, which is the secondary fine processing of non-woven fabric. The processing direction of non-woven fabrics is mainly changed from performance or appearance. The performance proces
•  Problems that should be paid attention to in the process [2020-6-30]
      1. The problem of plate making. There is no doubt that plate-making is a prerequisite for printing first-class and the core technology. So what are the problems of plate-making in non-woven printing? 1. The depth and thickness of plate making, which affects
•  How to increase the publicity effect of non-woven shoppi [2020-6-3]
      Non-woven shopping bags can help people carry all kinds of things, facilitate people to travel, and can also play a good publicity effect, so how do we enhance the promotional effect of non-woven shopping bags? Many customers simply print a few words when the
•  How does the non-woven bag manufacturer achieve the wate [2020-6-3]
      Generally speaking, there are screen printing or offset printing in the production process of non-woven bags. These two printing processes have no special changes to non-woven fabrics. For environmentally friendly ink-and-wash printing, the pattern printed aft
•  What are the advantages of non-woven shopping bags? [2020-6-3]
      1. Non-woven bag is tough and not easy to wear. There are also a lot of non-woven film bags, which are not only strong, but also waterproof, good in feel, and beautiful in appearance. 2. A beautiful non-woven bag, whose exquisite appearance is even more admir

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