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Problems that should be paid attention to in the process of printing non-woven fabrics

Issuing Time:2020/6/30 8:26:00

 1. The problem of plate making.

There is no doubt that plate-making is a prerequisite for printing first-class and the core technology. So what are the problems of plate-making in non-woven printing?

1. The depth and thickness of plate making, which affects the quality and cost;
2. The question about the length of the plate making and the effective printing area. This should be designed in conjunction with our own printing equipment. The savings can be saved, and those that should not be saved must not be saved. Otherwise, it may affect the machine. In severe cases, the copper plate will not be directly Law.
3. When designing the pattern, pay attention to the small places, whether it needs to be enlarged or reduced, whether there should be a gap, etc.
4. Full attention should be paid to the direction of printing and winding when making plates.
5. The color scale, that is, the problem of color registration, whether the computer can track it, and the sensitivity is related to the depth of the color scale.

Second, the printing process.

1. It is important to press the stick, and consider soft, hard and medium-high.
2. The size of the pressure, the pattern of what pressure is applied must be different.
3. Tension problem, a lot of fabric tension will affect printing.
4. The problem of fabric shrinkage and elasticity, this obvious effect is the printing accuracy.