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Introduction to non-woven composite film

Issuing Time:2020/6/30 8:26:46

Laminated composite non-woven fabric is a new type of non-woven fabric material, which is the secondary fine processing of non-woven fabric. The processing direction of non-woven fabrics is mainly changed from performance or appearance.

The performance processing methods are also more diversified, such as waterproof, tear resistance, fire resistance and antistatic, etc.; from the appearance, it must be colored or laminated, and the coloring method can be directly coated or print.

According to the use of money, there are also special methods of composite treatment of non-woven fabrics and other fabrics, such as film treatment, hot pressing treatment, spraying treatment, ultrasonic treatment, etc., through the composite treatment can be two or three layers of fabric composite Together, it produces products with special functions, such as high temperature resistance, high water absorption, high barrier properties, and high hydrostatic resistance. Non-woven composite materials have been widely used in chemical processing, civil construction, decoration, packaging, household, protection and automotive industries.

Laminated composite non-woven fabric, laminated non-woven fabric (laser non-woven fabric, matt non-woven fabric) are composite non-woven fabrics! Most of them are composite two-layer fabrics. The three-layer fabric has one more process than the second-layer fabric. Note: Compound non-woven fabric used to be called peritoneal non-woven fabric, which is also compound. It's all called manufacturing! This variety of non-woven fabric composites is used to make environmentally friendly bag materials, or car sunscreens. There is also a non-woven golden-wrapped fabric for the opening store!